Female comrades-in-arms

( Images of Soviet military women (1939-45) in the art )

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"The image of a woman fighting either with rifle in hands or in a cockpit; the image of a girl medical orderly, of a nurse, of a doctor wearing shoulder-straps, will live in our memory as an example of selflessness and patriotism" (L.I.Brezhnev)

Approving and sharing the opinion of Leonid Ilyich, I decided to create this site, with the purpose of collecting such pictures in a well regulated (more or less) album. Dear Visitor! If you have something to add, it would be nice! Please don't forget to describe the picture (at least partially) before sending it, OK?

The art belongs to people, copyrights belong to authors! :)

I'm very grateful to my friend UniMan for his help in creating these pages.

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